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Clayton South Primary School

Prep Discount Package – Girls

$177.00 inc. GST

Girls Summer Dress

Girls Skort - Navy

Unisex Polo Shirt Short Sleeve with Logo - Navy/Teal

Unisex Shorts Rugby - Navy

School Bag with Logo (Omnipak) - Navy

Unisex Hat Slouch with Logo - Navy

Sustainability Matters

We have installed solar panels on the roof of our Melbourne factory to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to be sustainable and help the environment.

Sustainability Matters

Helping Others

Fashion Clubwear is proud to donate to the Avalon Centre. Their aim is to help people including the homeless, people with mental illness and/or disabilities, the elderly and anyone requiring support.

Helping Others

A Better Tomorrow

We have teamed up with Pankind to support and raise funds for Australians living with pancreatic cancer. Together we can make a better tomorrow.

A Better Tomorrow

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