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Why use online ordering?

• No collation of orders by already busy staff
• No handling of money by already busy staff
• Easy ordering system for students
• Less paperwork / administration required

Your 9 Step Online Ordering Plan

1. Select the dates you would like your online shop to ‘open’ and ‘close’.
2. Fashion Clubwear will then create a custom shop specifically for your school.
3. A digital flyer will be sent to the school to advertise your online shop.
4. A garment size range will be delivered to your school so that students can try them on
before ordering.
5. The school can be CC’d in on each order if desired.
6. An order summary will be sent to your school prior to your shop closing to assist knowing
if there are any students who are yet to order.
7. Once your shop closes, your order is collated and then goes into production
8. Upon garment completion each order is packed individually with a copy of their order
confirmation form and sent to the school.
9. Students wear their custom made garment with pride.
There is an opportunity to order via purchase order if online ordering is not viable.

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